Flatland Cavalry Announces Fourth Studio LP: “Wandering Star”

Formed in 2012, the Texan country-Americana band Flatland Cavalry have recently announced the release of their eagerly awaited fourth studio album, ‘Wandering Star’.

This album will be their first release on Interscope Records, which follows their successful 2022 EP, “Songs To Keep You Warm”. “Wandering Star” consists of 13 solo tracks and one collaborative track featuring Kaitlin Butts.

Album Announcement and the band’s reaction:

“We’ve been wandering around the country, chasing the proverbial dream for almost ten years now; never knowing what lies beyond the event horizon of the unseen, always trusting the light inside to guide and illuminate the pathway; aiming for the moon in hopes of landing amongst the stars.”

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Album Review:

With vocals from lead singer Cleto Cordero, the album kicks off with an energetic track, “The Provider”, complemented by fuzzy guitars and harmonica, this song sets a solid tone for the record. One standout feature of the album “Wandering Star” is Flatland Cavalry’s ability to blend diverse sounds, from the Eagles-esque “The Best Days” to the anthemic “Oughta See You”. They have skillfully incorporate folk elements in tracks like “Burned Out Flame” and the acoustic twang of “Only Thing At All”. There are a couple of slow tracks in the album like “Mornings With You”, a tender song featuring Kaitlin Butts, the songwriter and Cordero’s wife.

The full ‘Wandering Star’ tracklist is:

1. The Provider
2. The Best Days
3. Only Thing At All
4. Last American Summer
5. Mornings With You (feat. Kaitlin Butts)
6. Let It Roll
7. Spinnin’
8. Don’t Have To Do This Like That
9. New American Dream
10. Oughta See You (The Way I Do)
11. A Thousand Miles An Hour
12. Burned Out Flame
13. Forgotten
Source: Flatland Cavalry Spotify

After announcing their fourth LP, the band has revealed the tour dates for 2024. You can find more information about Flatland Cavalry’s ‘Wandering Star’ 2024 tour HERE

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